DVD (edition of 50)
Includes: A5 riso print, signed and numbered. A5 foldout into A3 info sheet / poster. DVD disc & online streaming URL.

RATED X is the duo collaboration of video/sound artist Tomas Jefanovas & CBB on words, sax, gtr noise + dance moves.



Mind-bending sights, electronic sounds, ear-serrating free jazz and machine gun poetry converge in this collaboration: RATED X.

Tomas Jefanovas pulls futuristic visuals out of retrograde video technologies to sculpt a psychedelic vision of space and time. Christopher Brett Bailey rages and croons. He is a lunatic out on a day pass, a jazz poet crash landed from a distant planet.

Together they create something chaotic and cosmic. A meditation on holes, voids and mirrors. A ritual of high intensity. A sensory overload. A ketamine noir.



This DVD Movie release is cut together from live shows, rehearsal footage and direct signal from Tomas’ video synthesiser feed: all combining to make a video art piece to experience from the comfort of your sofa (or bed, or bath, or wherever you do your watching… you can watch this movie naked and we won’t even know!)

We are aware that DVD is a tad old school, so you get a streaming link with it, and Tomas is also throwing in a gorgeous, eye popping Art Print, plus the info booklet folds out to become an A3 poster. So that’s 1 movie in 2 formats + 2 wall hangings, all for the low low sum of £20 + shipping. order today!



about RATED X: https://ratedxproject.com

about Tomas: https://tomjef.com