ltd edition of 50 copies, in acetate “jail cell”

improvisations on Saxophone with fx pedals… moody instrumental music for the middle of the night… the perfect soundtrack to an intoxicated striptease, or the last waltz of a doomed relationship, the plotting of a murder, or for chain-smoking like you’re in a black n white movie. think film noir meets ambient drone meets elevator muzak if the elevator is going, ya know, all the way to hell…


Side A: Sax Offender, Sax Criminal, Sax Obsessed

Side B: Sax Worker, Sax Pest

total length: 43 mins


“chaotic sheets of saxophone, twinkling in delay-pedal-space like distant stars …Sunn O)))-ish..barely shifting, bleakly droning sax hell …vast Rothko-esque visions in FX pedal entropy” – The Quietus”

“a fever dream, a Black Lodge mist… as natural as breathing… it will mesmerize you until you can’t tell friend from foe… Get hip to Christopher Brett Bailey.” – Critical Masses


***click here for video trailer…..sax offender!***



christopher brett bailey: alto saxophone, reverb pedal, octave pedal and three loop pedals // recorded and mixed by jake sanders // mastered by clive painter // photo by Jamie Hewitt