ISBN: 9781786825278
Paperback published by Oberon Books, 2018
224 pages


a linguistic kaleidoscope of caustic cartoons, crackpot prophecies and demented erotica. a dense, poetic blend of the hallucinogenic and the hardboiled… dirty jokes, venomous poetry and tall tales that corkscrew deep into nightmares. a short story etc. collection for the depraved, the depressed and the death obsessed.



“channels the ghosts of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs… it’s not over exaggerating to place Bailey’s name alongside such exalted company.” – Buzz Mag

“what a fucking genius” – Smiths Magazine

“a loaded Kerouac” – Sydney Morning Herald

“a fever dream of crushed limbs and unnecessary surgery… like watching an old David Cronenberg film with a beak full of ketamine… a fantastically lurid poet.” – London City Nights

“lip-blisteringly nihilistic beat poetry”  – Time Out

“holy bloody hell, does Christopher Brett Bailey have a way with language” – Three Weeks